The album cover to Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs. And then, via Twitter, the album cover to Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs as recreated by cats.

I love that this is the photo Brokelyn went with for this story.

I love that this is the photo Brokelyn went with for this story.


Special Agent Dale Cooper meets a llama, and they stare into each others’ souls. (Twin Peaks, season 1, “The One-Armed Man”)

I read somewhere that the llama stare-off was unscripted, and Kyle McLachlan just went with it, and you can see Truman trying not to laugh right after.

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albums i listened to today

  • Ice-T — The Early Years
  • Ice-T — The Seventh Deadly Sin
  • Analog Brothers — Pimp To Eat
  • The Breeders — Safari
  • Ice-T — Greatest Hits: The Evidence
  • Ice-T — Gang Culture
  • Afrika Bambaataa — Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere)

Ice-T’s later stuff has an almost intentionally phoned-in quality: he’s doing what he feels like, doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and has nothing to gain. There’s no passion, just half-hearted whim: he’ll make an okayish album and be fine with that, because it’s all he was in the mood to do. He seems disinterested in having hit songs, and there’s not a big-name producer in sight; Ice-T, in all the best ways and all the worst ways, doesn’t give a fuck. It leads to music that’s adequate at best and tiring at worst (and feels less like hip-hop and more like nu-metal with each album), but there’s something oddly compelling about how genuinely indifferent he seems. Even throwing Greatest Hits into the mix makes it feel less like he used to be better, more like he’s been consistent from day one and all that’s changed is that it’s been done before. Nothing fazes him; he practices what he preaches to a point where it makes him not matter. (I like the Analog Brothers album, though; Kool Keith and Ice-T are a fun match.)

Safari sounds like the stopgap it is, as the Breeders transition from the proto-Breeders to the real Breeders. It’s good, not great. But I was just happy to have them around. Nice break from Ice-T. Nice reminder that I can spend all summer listening to the Breeders all the time. I really want to listen to Last Splash now.

I don’t know what to make of Afrika Bambaataa. Mostly he’s making dated ’80s-style electro-funk that’s fun in an almost kitschy way. I know he’s so much more than that, but only because I’ve been told. I don’t know how to file him in my brain.

TOMORROW: One more Ice-T studio album I’ve gotta go deal with. Then probably Craig Mack. That’ll be good.



The NYPD’s hashtag campaign just backfired horribly.

A good day on the Internet.

sometimes i think love is about finding someone whose problems go well with yours.


sometimes i think love is about finding someone whose problems go well with yours.

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THANK! i’ve been waiting for this <3

Oh hey guess what HERO


Proud. So proud.

This is something a lot of people need to hear or see or read. Cause it’s truuuuuuuue

Hahaha fuck yeah, you guys!

i love this

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albums i listened to today

  • Snoop Dogg — Welcome To Tha Chuuch Vol. 3
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg — Tha Dogg: The Best Of The Works
  • J-Zone — A Job Ain’t Nuthin But Work
  • Red Krayola and Art & Language — Corrected Slogans
  • James — Village Fire
  • Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five — Greatest Messages
  • Luscious Jackson — In Search Of Manny

Shaky start. Pulled it together in the end.

I’m sick of Snoop now. It was too much too fast— and not just albums and best-ofs, but mixtapes and leftovers. I overdosed on mediocre Snoop Dogg tracks and now I feel like I ate too much McDonalds.

J-Zone saved the day for me, because he’s always great. I wish he had a billion mixtapes and Snoop had just a few albums instead of the other way around.

I think I hate Red Krayola. I wonder whether or not I would’ve liked them at the time. The early-to-mid-’70s are such a bleak period for my taste in music that I can’t imagine what I would’ve been into at the time. I guess this would’ve been the weirdest thing around, so maybe. But mostly I want everybody to shut up. They’re too into their own goofy cleverness. They remind me of every annoying person I knew in college.

Hearing early James right after Red Krayola was interesting: they’re rooted in that same sort of psychedelic folk sound, except good. Red Krayola sound like they think they’ve just invented being stoned, but James are throwing in pop and post-punk and cobbling together what’ll eventually be their own sound.

Grandmaster Flash is fun, but it’s so weird to hear early, dated party songs from the group best known for “The Message”. Most of their stuff sounds more like a wedding DJ trying to rap.

Luscious Jackson is one of my favorite bands— and one of the bands that seems the most like a band I’d like. I’m not gonna be able to put it any better than I already have; Luscious Jackson feels like the New York City I wanted to escape to when I was a bored, naive teenager in Long Island who was convinced that life would begin when I could live in NYC (and I was right). I feel like they’re forgotten now? I feel like people my age know them, but people younger than me never found out about them. Natural Ingredients is the perfect ’90s New York City album. (In Search Of Manny is nice too.)

TOMORROW: Probably gonna finish what’s left of Ice-T.





I saw these guys in Waiting For Godot and it felt like they were having the most fun anyone had ever had on stage.

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A black teenager could have a 200 IQ and find the cure for cancer and white people will still say affirmative action is the reason why they got into college

A white kid could have a 200 IQ and discover the cure for cancer and people will say his alumni daddy is the reason he got into college.

A white person will see a post having nothing to do with them and still find a way to include themselves

A person on Tumblr will seek opportunities to initiate conflict

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