I’m quick to attribute things that happen to happen to me in New York City as being somehow quintessentially New York. Really they’re just the sort of odd social ephemera that statistically are more likely to pop up from time to time in a place where the number of interactions you have with other…

I get my haircut at Freestyle as well, but have never been offered a shot. Now I don’t know what to think. 

I too get my hair cut at Freestyle. I got my hair cut at Freestyle this very evening. 20+ trips to Freestyle in my time in New York. No vodka. What the hell, Nate?

I’ve gotten haircuts at Freestyle and have not been offered vodka. I also work next door to Freestyle. The next time someone gets a haircut at Freestyle and is not offered vodka shots, text me and I will come downstairs and we will do vodka shots.