figured out who i’m voting for

Still might change my mind, but the odds seem slim. Posting in the hope it helps other people decide (especially regarding lower-profile local elections).

President: Jill Stein (Green Party). The only candidate who has a good stance on all the issues I think matter most.

U.S. Senator: Colia Clark (Green Party). Ditto.

U.S. Representative: Vivia Morgan (Green Party).The only candidate who supports drug policy reform.

N.Y. Senator: Velmanette Montgomery (Democratic Party). The only candidate who supports instant runoff voting (election reform).

N.Y. Assembly Member: Walter Mosley (Democratic Party). I can’t find either candidate’s stance on any issue I care about— but Mosley at least has a campaign website, while the other candidate has seemingly no campaign presence at all. I’ll settle for the guy who seems like he’s actually running.

N.Y. Supreme Court Justices: William A. Gerard and Arshad Majid (Working Families Party). The Republican and Democratic parties endorsed the same candidates, who I’m sure will win in a landslide; the Working Families nominees are the only alternate choices. I don’t have much information to go on because judicial candidates aren’t allowed to say much; to protest the way judicial elections are handled and to support the idea of having multi-candidate elections, I will vote for the underdogs.

Surprised myself here by going issue by issue. Worked out that I’m voting for a straight Green ticket and no Libertarians; wouldn’t have expected that. Also worked out that I’m voting for more women than men, and all at the top of the ticket; that’s nice. I feel a little bad that I’m not voting for Gary Johnson for president, because he seems great— but Jill Stein seems better.

I expect the Democratic candidates to easily win for every position, which means I’ll get more bad news than good news. But I’m comfortable with my votes, and I think that if these candidates win, the world will be a better place.