figured out who i’m leaning toward voting for so far

Governor: Howie Hawkins (Green)
Attorney General: Carl Person (Libertarian)
Comptroller: Theresa Portelli (Green)
Representative: Yvette Clarke (Democratic/Working Families)

But I’m still up for grabs and open to surprises.

  • The left does not like Andrew Cuomo— for several reasons, including how friendly he’s been to Wall Street. Zephyr Teachout, an obscure candidate without a lot of funding or support ran against him in the Democratic primary and actually did really well. Now that the primary’s over, Hawkins is the only option to Cuomo’s left.
  • Four years ago, Hawkins got 1.3%— not a lot, but the most a Green nominee had ever gotten, and enough to get the Green Party its own automatic spot on the ballot. Now he’s polling at 7%— more than five times as high, and probably enough for the Green Party to automatically get the third ballot line behind Democrats and Republicans.

He won’t win; Cuomo will. But what he IS doing is growing the Green Party, laying the groundwork for it to be a bigger deal going forward. The better they do, the more legit they’re perceived as and the more clout they have. The more clout they have, the more support they can build. These are all very real baby steps toward the Green Party becoming a bigger deal and New York becoming more progressive.

Ten years ago, the Green Party elected an upstate mayor who made national news by performing same-sex marriages before they were legal, as an act of civil disobedience that drew attention to the continued ban on marriage equality. That’s a Green Party that wasn’t polling 7% and didn’t automatically have the third spot on the ballot. If you want more stuff like that to happen, here’s the way.

Also: the more liberals support candidates like Teachout or Hawkins instead of Cuomo, the more that sends important warning messages that the Democratic Party has to heed. Maybe next time, a bigger-name progressive with more support, emboldened by how well Teachout and Hawkins did, challenges Cuomo and has a real chance of beating him. Or maybe Cuomo moves to the left in order to avoid such a challenge. Maybe the Democratic Party leadership sees that moving to the right means losing votes from the left, and works to regain those votes.

(In case you’re worried about splitting the vote: don’t be. There’s no realistic chance of Cuomo not winning.)

But mostly: pay attention. Keep an eye out. Know what’s happening and know where it might be heading.

sounds like me

sounds like me

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Can’t hurt. I don’t have a better idea. I wish we would stop starting wars.

i figured out who i’m voting for tomorrow

Governor (Democratic primary): I’m voting for Randy Credico, the most progressive of the three candidates and the one who’s stood up the most for progressive ideals and for issues I care about. Second choice: Zephyr Teachout. Andrew Cuomo works for Wall Street and I want him out.

Lieutenant Governor (Democratic primary): I’m voting for Tim Wu, who’s generally progressive while Kathy Hochul is generally conservative.

Judge of the Civil Court (Democratic primary): I’m voting for Isiris Isela Isaac because the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats endorsed her and I don’t have anything better to go on.

Female State Committee Member: I’m voting for Olanike Alabi because she supports election reforms like instant runoff voting.


Professor Brat spent about $230,000 to Eric Cantor’s $5.7 million. However, David Brat more than made up for the money deficit with energy, focused barbs and the shoe-leather of his committed followers… Can’t progressives find that kind of energy with their many broader issues and larger support base? Can’t they find capable so-called “nobodies” with hidden talent to become publically heralded champions? There are fresh voices everywhere who can take on the corporate Democrats, like the Clintons, who work with Wall Streeters and espouse crony capitalism and with neocons to advance militarism abroad, along with corporate-managed, job destroying trade agreements and off-shore tax havens?

…Unfortunately the driving energy of progressives, including the dissipating Occupy Wall Street effort, is not showing up in the electoral arena. The political energy, the policy disputes and the competitive contests are among the Republicans, not the Democrats…


Ralph Nader, "Can Progressives Learn From Eric Cantor’s Defeat?"

Republicans are willing to throw out the House Majority Leader in favor of a political newcomer whose beliefs they agree with more, but Democrats look the other way when Cuomo pushes corporate welfare or Obama bombs the Middle East and launches domestic spying programs the Bush administration only dreamed of.

I think most people I know are significantly to the left of their elected officials, but seem content to keep voting for pro-war, pro-Wall Street Democrats. I wish that would change. Say what you will about Republicans, but at least they don’t vote for people they disagree with.

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Marijuana arrests are up under De Blasio. That sucks.

Marijuana arrests are up under De Blasio. That sucks.

Beyond just the one issue, it’s a really good look at how Obama’s behind-the-scenes political calculations work— how he thinks, how he strategizes, etc.

Probably not surprisingly, Biden comes off really well.

This is potentially big! If enough states agree to this, presidential elections will go to the winner of the popular vote. I wasn’t sure Cuomo would be on board, but he was! One step closer.

Fingers crossed.

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